Love Doesn’t Rhyme With You

When the moon rules the sky

And the birds no longer fly

I call you and make sure you can’t hear me from my side

I just want to hear your voice, I’m not gonna lie

Your best friend still tells me things that you do

Like all the words you said and all the pictures you drew

We were a black eyed love

Its a love I learned when I went through it with you 



Your emeralds of desire

Stare right into my core,

Or my soul

I don’t even know the difference anymore

Kiss my head

My shoulders, My neck

Grab me by the hips

And carry me to your bed


Desire took what it wanted

It left us both exhausted

But what I didn’t know

Was that I was falling


Lost cause

I never knew I’d spend

So much time

Running away from things

Or driving things away

I’m skipping states

Like kids skip stones

I’m the girl who always migrates

But always seems to leave some bones

He promised me “I’ll always be there

No matter where you go”

But he’s chasing a lost cause

I’ll always be one, no matter where I go

So I’ll leave trails of kisses on you

But I’ve already been here, so I’ve got to go

You have to learn that promises

Are just lies waiting to be told



Something always bigger
Than the embodied soul.
Attempts at death seem useless.
Something keeps the soul awake.
No slumber,
Nor rest to take.
Living day by day with stress
Seems a waste.
Not only the strength
But the urge to stay in one place.
Wanting to leave the body,
Only failure awaits.
Being lost in a bliss
Seems so far away.
Wanting peace
Only pushes it away.
Only listening to my words
Takes its place.
Smoke tree.
Yet drug free
Is the way to be.
When only earths taste
Feels so great.
That which only brings false faith
In something material.
I lay I’m waste.
No sorrow
Or groom
Fills the soul.
Only an empty hole,
Waiting for grace.
Leave me now,
Forever hold your peace.
Love tomorrow
Will be my new release.

Stayed with you

I’m a fly caught in a web in the corner of your heart.

You caught me and I pretend to be all tied up.

I always knew I could fly away,

But I stayed with you anyway.


We were two love birds

Locked in a cage.

They snipped your wings away;  But I still had mine.

I stayed with you anyway.


Simply turn our page and hope for the best.

Because starting a new chapter is for the pressed.

We weren’t in love,

But I stayed with you anyway.