A Letter To the Guy Who Lived Too Far Away

Dear WT,

I’ll keep this short and vague. (Trust me. I could go on and on.)

A week ago I woke up and I was in so much pain. I had tissues surrounding my bed, my eyes were bloodshot and my head was pounding from all the crying I had done that entire night. I took some ibuprofen to kill the headache, but it didn’t really kill the heartache. I was aching because I lost you long before I actually did. Aching for something physical that I didn’t have with you. I lost you, but you also lost me. So who really lost here?

My anger and discontent intrigued you. When we met I was alone and miserable and you were like coming up for air. I needed you. At that time. I’m not going to say you changed me entirely because I fought my ass off to overcome my demons and start feeling like myself again. You were just motivation and a reason to get out of bed; a reminder that I deserve to be loved and cherished.

I was faithful, thoughtful, and I gave you my all. I tried to be everything for you and you betrayed me. I admit that I was needy, an asshole and moody sometimes but that’s because I just missed you and loved you and cared for you.

At first you were all the good things too. Slowly you became colder and more distant. From one day after another it was as if I didn’t matter and I was no longer a significant part of your life. You crushed me. Disregarded me. And I’m worth so much more.

Not only were you not faithful, you also insulted me with personal stuff that I trusted you with. You stabbed me in the back. But you know what?… I forgive you. For everything. Because you were what I needed at the time.

Right now?

You’re not what I need.

Its better we’re going our separate ways.



“William, It Was Really Nothing”

The Smiths

Whoever is reading this….  Long distance relationships are hard. Whoever is in one right now, STAY STRONG. I admire you both. I was able to push through it but make sure it’s with someone who takes you as seriously as you deserve.


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