To My Old Roommates

Dear Noelle and Julia,

I’m sorry I disappeared from the face of the Earth for a while there. I needed some time to myself. I’m finally a working girl again now that I’m getting into a healthier place. I have bipolar disorder & it is no joke. I’m taking it very seriously. You don’t even know the half of it. It caused me to do a lot of dumb stuff that mostly Noelle witnessed and for that I’m very sorry.

I know a lot happened when/before I left. I’m making absolutely no excuses for my actions. I did what I did despite my condition. I know I DID leave with almost no warning and I am so sorry.

I hate to say that I met you guys at a very rough time in my life because I wish I hadn’t. I wish I could’ve been happy, healthy and thriving but I was miserable, sick and dying. You guys could only help me so much and please believe me when I say you did. But regardless of what happened, I’m glad I met you two and the rest of our friends that you guys introduced me to. I love you all. SO. FREAKING. MUCH.

I enjoyed my time getting to know all of you.




You were the best roommate I could’ve asked for. You were patient, kind, generous and not annoying at all which are all the qualities I hoped for in a roommate. Thank you for understanding the weight of my heart. I love you



I know we only lived together for a short while, but I love you too. You were friendly, thoughtful and I wish we could’ve talked more about makeup. I hope you enjoyed your time in Singapore and I hope to see you this summer.


You two are very unique and I’m so glad I met the both of you. I’m sorry I was so unpredictable but I really do care about you two. I hope we can enjoy ourselves when I visit. I’m invested in having a long life friendship with you both. But again, I apologize.



♡ Mayra


Love Doesn’t Rhyme With You

When the moon rules the sky

And the birds no longer fly

I call you and make sure you can’t hear me from my side

I just want to hear your voice, I’m not gonna lie

Your best friend still tells me things that you do

Like all the words you said and all the pictures you drew

We were a black eyed love

Its a love I learned when I went through it with you